Drone Imagery That Will Never Let You Down

Reaching higher skies requires not only flying skills but also a strong determination. And that’s where drone videography services Philadelphia pitch in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) A remotely-operated or autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), usually known as a drone, is not easy to control, guide, and use. That’s why we have employed several licensed and certified […]

How And Why The Use Of Drones Has Changed The Aerial Photography Scene

When photographs are taken with the help of a flying object, it is called aerial photography. Although it has been practiced since the 18th century, it was never fully appreciated. But now it plays a significant role in cartography, topography, archaeology, surveillance, and movie making. A number of means are used for aerial photography such […]

Benefits of Using Drone Photography Over Old Methods

Drone photography is not limited to taking aerial images for movies. It plays a very important role in major businesses and services. Also, in industrial sites, manufacturing facilities, and civil infrastructure. And the oil and energy industry uses drone photography. Industrial sites include complex systems that are dependent on each other. Failure of even a […]

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

An autonomous Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), usually known as a drone, is used to capture audio, video, and still images of the remotest of locations where direct human interaction is either out of order or less effective. These remotely-operated devices need professionals who know the nuances and their way around a peculiar situation at the […]