Drone Photography and Videography

Widespread Use of Drone Photography and Videography in Commercial Sector

A lesser-known fact is that drones are engaged in everything nowadays. From disease control to vacuuming up ocean waste to delivering pizza, and much more. With the rising awareness about drones, many risky and expensive jobs in the commercial sector are ready to be replaced by drone technology.

One of its many applications is aerial photography/ videography. It finds its vast application in the commercial sector, across industries. From defense organizations to big construction companies, many use it to complete a lot of tasks at their hands, which otherwise were quite difficult to undertake or impossible to do. The best part about using drones for aerial photography is it offers safe, cost-effective solutions. It also ensures the data collection is quite accurate.

Why is Drone Photography Employed in Several Industries?

Undertaking aerial photography using unmanned aerial vehicles is beneficial for the commercial sector in many ways. It helps in cutting the cost of operation remarkably. And ensures the safety and security of people working in the sector. It is less time-consuming as compared to the traditional methods and it augments the efficiency of the entire process. These are the major reasons the use of drones has penetrated the commercial sector quickly.

Below, we look at the ways drone photography and videography is being used in different commercial industries!

Construction Industry

Aerial photography on construction sites can offer detailed information on every stage of progress, from planning to foundation building to all throughout to completion.

To be precise, there is no better way of keeping a tab on the overview progression of a construction site than by making use of aerial photographs captures by drones. The use of UAVs has proven to be a very cost-effective way of not just recording progress but also reporting issues on a construction site. It helps all the way from the beginning to the production of “as-built” and till documentation is handed over. A majority of the construction companies use Aerial Drone Photography Services now.

Insurance Industry

Back in 2015, the FAA permitted a number of insurance companies to use drones for inspections. Today, drones have become quite popular among insurance providers. This has happened because drone technology is quite beneficial for the insurance industry.

In 2018, the use of aerial imagery through drones rose to a new level when natural catastrophes hit areas in the US. Several insurers have made them an integral part of their disaster recovery procedures.

Telecommunication Industry

Climbing towers usually take hours, while costing thousands of dollars. With the advent of tower inspection using drones, the time and cost have reduced dramatically, as compared to traditional tower climbs. Another important aspect is amplified safety. Inspecting Telecom towers is an exceedingly unsafe activity.

It often requires employing elevated work platforms, scaffolding, harnesses, and abseiling. So, these high-risk activities call for important resources that are trained to do them. On the bright side, using professional drone photography services allows you to fetch the same information safely from the ground

Defense Operations

The use of drones to capture aerial photographs of certain areas is quite common in military operations. In fact, the defense sector was one of the first ones to make use of drones for surveillance and other security-related matters. These machines are considered the future of aerial warfare by many experts too.

Power and Utility Sector

As per a report published by Price water house Coopers (PWC), the total value of the addressable market of drone-powered solutions in the global power and utility sector is close to $9.46 billion. Taking up the use of unmanned aerial vehicles [UAV or drones] in the power sector has been faster and widespread. It can be credited to the fact that using drones for construction and repair, a survey of asset and inventory, maintenance and management and other processes is way easier than the traditional systems in place.

Final Note

Thanks to the many advantages of aerial drone photography, it has found its place in several industrial applications. The only game-changer is the professional you choose to hire to get your aerial photography work done. Finding the right professional aerial imagery service has become as easy as running a Google search on ‘Drones Services Near Me’. You will find the list of service providers offering the required services. Reading the reviews and going through the past works of any company is advisable. It would give you a fair idea about its strengths and capabilities.