Commercial Drone Photography

There To Document Your Progress, Every Step Of The Way

Job site documentation is essential for every general contractor. Commercial drone photography is perfect whether you need to share the state of a project with clients and stakeholders, monitor site changes over time, or dispute claims down the road—you’ll need to capture progress photos throughout a project.

Drones are quickly becoming the go-to tool for job site documentation. And for a good reason: drones provide aerial perspectives, along with accurate visual data, to help your team make better decisions on the job site. They also save time and money, improve communication, and increase safety.

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Drone services offer many advantages to the commercial sector. Nowadays, many commercial sector businesses use drone services to get maximum profits and manage projects efficiently. Let us take a look; why?



  1. Surveys tell the majority of home buyers to look for property information online. Commercial sector agents who give the best and most detailed information and attractive images of the property often land more leads and more sales.
  2. Drone Photography NYC can be used to capture spectacular aerial shots of larger properties. This makes the property listing impressive and generates better offers.
  3. Cinematic virtual tours creating an experience of an in-person visit is possible using drone services. This saves time and costs of traveling to the site of the property.
  4. Unique features of the property like pools, gardens, tennis courts, or architectural facades can be shown beautifully using aerial videography.
  5. Schools, shopping centers, nearby amenities, and the entire neighborhood can be showcased using drones. The local lifestyle, including the places of interest, can draw the attention of potential buyers.
  6. Drone technology can be an important tool to attract interested buyers from a different town or city. Commercial sector agents can look forward to Expanding their market by creating a gripping story about the property. This can be best done using drones, which can capture the property’s images from virtually all angles.
  7. Buyers could have essential questions related to the property. Answering those questions visually can earn the trust of the buyer.
  8. Features such as roofs or backyards of the property, which are challenging to show around the buyers can be displayed without any hassle.
  9. A considerable amount of money can be saved using drone services over helicopter or plane services.
  10. Drone Services New York can capture aerial images with much accuracy and minimal disruption even in pre-occupied properties.



Attracting buyers or likely occupants is easier when detailed aerial images of the property are available for their review. Showcasing the property from ground level, upper floors, roof, and all possible angles can add a lot of appeal to the property’s listing.

  1. The viability of a commercial project is an important deciding factor for investors. Aerial Drone Photography New York allows showcasing already existing businesses and facilities near the planned developments. This could get investors on board even before the construction starts.
  2. Drones can be used for advanced mapping and surveying. LIDAR technology clubbed with drone footage shows every angle of the site and calculates terrain details with great accuracy. This can be decisive in site selection.
  3. Under construction projects and fully functional commercial projects can be managed better with regular site surveys and project inspections.
  4. Maintenance costs can be cut down at a large scale using drone inspections. These drones can run on the same route frequently to identify small problems before they become large enough to burn a hole in the pocket.
  5. Drone Inspections are not only safe but they can also be documented. Drones can easily reach areas that are either difficult or dangerous to access. These inspections done for the maintenance of the project can be used to ensure regulatory compliance.

These inspections done for maintenance of the project can be used to ensure regulatory compliance.

Drone Videography in New York is crucial for the commercial property sector. It ensures better site selection, profitable marketing, and management. It also saves time and money.